What We Do

Aims & Objectives

The primary objective of Kaleyewa House is to participate in caring for Nigerian seniors.
This will be done in several ways, including:


Identify senior citizens in need and develop programs to meet those needs;

Highlight contribution

Highlight the positive contributions of older persons to society and empower them to continue to make such contributions.


Train individuals in understanding and caring for their seniors;


Develop a twinning arrangement with a university department with a program on gerontology or help a Nigerian university to develop such a program. The aim is to make Kaleyewa House a ‘demonstration and interactive’ centre for the department.


Assist governments at different levels in areas of elder care especially in policy formulation and implementation. One such area is providing support for family members to care for their dependents elders.


Collaborate with such organizations as the African Gerontological Society (AGES), and the International Federation on Aging Nigeria (IFAN) in advocating for the needs of this population.