About Us

Aging with Dignity

Kaleyewa House​

Kaleyewa House was founded in 2000 and registered as a not-for-profit non-governmental organization in 2001.

Our Focus

Its focus:

  • Home care for Nigerian senior citizens in line with the policy statement of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • Improve the welfare of elders in Nigeria by promoting family and community care, thereby retaining the cultural respect for elders. This improvement is enhanced through advocacy, education, training and services.
  • Build a society that cares for its elders and values their continuing contributions at home, community and in the workplace.

Vision & Mission

Our Mission
Facilitate the activities like advocacy education, training and service provision that promote care and nurturing for Nigerian senior citizens.

Our Vision
A society in which senior citizens lead a dignified and respectable life in their old age. It is making every house a ‘Kaleyewa’ House.
We, at Kaleyewa, are passionate about our work and are committed to making old age a time of activity, joy, hope and peace.

Dignified Aging

Growing old is not a disease, but a natural process. The unprecedented growth in the numbers and proportions older people and their situation call for attention. Poverty and exclusion have been documented as the greatest threats to the well-being of older people.

The Aging and Development Report: Poverty, Independence and the World’s Older People, published by Helpage International and the Earthscan in 1999 to mark the International Year of Older Persons, pointed out that many older people spend the later years of their lives in poverty, beyond the reach of even the most basic provision for social well-being and health. The majority of older

 people are women, often widows, who suffer multiple disadvantages on the basis of their gender, ranging from abandonment to failing health.

The above picture does not augur well for dignified aging. There is evidence that older people are not only resourceful survivors, but are supporting the fabric and well-being of their families. Dignified aging programs provide opportunities for older people improve their situation by getting involved, developing voluntary actions that not only free the elderly from poverty, discrimination and neglect, but enhance their independence, dignity, self-fulfillment and care.

Our Staff

Kaleyewa House currently employs one full-time staff member serving as the Program Administrator. He is supported every year by a young gentleman spending his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) year at the House. The work is supervised by a loving couple, Mr & Mrs Dipe Adegboye, both teachers, in Iju who caught the vision for the project from inception and have been diligent in their service.